I got simple features

Take me to a home with lots of creatures

Got no charge on my phone, being followed by creepers

Next time in my zone, I wanna fly to the gate keepers

Drive me so up high, gotta be fans of the leapers

They take things by surprise, I want to be an airplane flyer

Promote my entire, fucking empire

Wash my clothes, use the nice new dryer

To kill my foes, I have to be a unique writer

But I can’t be a crier


Check this, next thing on the list, give me all the gifts

I want to be bliss; craving for her kiss

Beautiful star, give me strength to be a part

You, so special and that lovely weird

Adorable I say, but I can’t fear

Take my next step with caution, but full of my wisdom, I want her to see my vision

You think she’ll like the sight or laugh at me full of spite

But first I have to speak to her

Show her my loving side

Then ask her out for a ride

Drive to impress? No, drive for love

That’s how I’ll reach my success

Heartbroken, still needing for affection

I don’t know if I can take another rejection

Led on by a bitch, that wouldn’t give up the sitch

No matter, let her be stuck in that ditch

This isn’t for revenge, but it’s to build up my future

Don’t let them give me torture

Before, I’d cry for her

But this new girl, I won’t force her

Let her fall into my arms, so she can sleep and yawn

It’s time for me to go

But next day, I’ll welcome you, to my beautiful show 

Freestyle poem. Aka poetry slam. New way of writing? I think sooo! Hope you enjoyed this lovely piece and see you next time.


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