Missing Piece

The ceiling fan spun indefinitely

A faint white noise washing over my doubt

I sought out a demon courageously,

And clipped its claws from the vortex within.

From then forth, I sat and wept silently

For although the apparition was gone

There lay a certain sadness next to me

An empty spot within my own vessel

Which used to be warmed up by the presence,

Of my very own intrusive devil.

Colourful Costumes

My costume matches

Naked trees that yearn for leaves

Show me your colours

Temporary Lives

The moon cast its light on the empty town

There was no one in sight during that time

Imagine a view of a rampant plague,

Scorching the streets with death on each corner

The faces of the bodies were too vague

For their loved ones to identify them

A horrific scene, which tends to happen

Simply it is the truth of our kind

We suffer, and sometimes we get luck

But at the end of it, the fact still stands

We are only here temporarily

The reality of mortality

A few poems that I feel kind of go along with the whole Halloween vibe. I personally like the first one. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading them!

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4 thoughts

  1. I think you are a real poet. I don’t know who you are, somehow I came across your poems and I can’t explain how it feels. Just so real. Please keep writing 🙂


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