“Material Bliss”

Here he comes

Low eyes

Trembling hands

Asking for more

For more in their hand

Creeping through and out

One moment he is sad

The next he laughs

Man, I want more of that

Charge me for it, I don’t care

Please, just give me more


The struggle is that I believed myself,

And I went to depths I cannot erase

For a moment I was good; safe and snug inside,

But then I feel the burn

The burn that leaves white circles


You have time for me?

Wow, that is incredible

Here I thought,

I was only living for myself

But you, you told me you have time

Time for me?

That’s crazy

You must be lying.

Word Prompts – Fandango’s “Snug”, Word of the Day “Charge”

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Cover Photo by Kehven: Black Void

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