The Color of this World

Prompt response – Colorful

A colorful personality that engages in a colorful way of conversing with others. Different flowers, that have colorful petals. The enormous blue sky that can be filled with white and fluffy or dark and gloomy clouds. Rain forests that stretch on for miles that have one main beautiful color; green; and different diverse plants with colorful ways of living. 

Without the color in our lives, we would be devastated. With the only form of color that keeps us company being the shades of black and white. Color gives life to everything, so let us stay a colorful world and not destroy it with the fossil fuels that pollute it.

Color is everything

It wants us to sing

Color is life

It wants us to thrive


This wonderful gift, gives us the sight

Of the beauty that we have during the day and night

Different mixtures are made with these beautiful colors

So let us love each other under the world that is embedded with colorful covers


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