Response – Handwriting

Each person has their own style of handwriting. Their own font, to simply say. Could be messy and big or small and neat, but every time you start writing, you’re writing in a form that only you can perform. Many people might disagree with me, but it is true, your style, your wrist movement, it’s all yours and no one else’s.

Studying handwriting is magnificent because you can see how people move a pen or pencil to create letters that human beings have invented. You might have forgotten it by now, but you learned how to write at a young age. It’s one of the fundamentals of education. Without writing, you wouldn’t be able to survive elementary, middle, or high school because all three systems are so dependent on students knowing how to read and write.

Handwriting is amazing. That is all to say about it.

How is your handwriting? Is it neat or messy? Feel free to leave an answer in the comment section.

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