Are we comfortable?

We sit there seeing anxiety roll off the tongues of serpents; diving into the fantasy they paint so, purely.

Why don’t we pause for a second and look within ourselves? What do we feel? Do we feel the horrid emotions that have been locked up for so long? Why don’t we let them out?

We should focus our attention on systems that will help these emotions coexist with us, but no, we wish to keep them locked up. We feed them rations of raw emotion, rather than healthy and developed sustenance. We experiment with them, to see how far they can go, and if they collapse and never get up, we divert our attention to addictions we hold so dearly. Put them to work only if we need them, but lie to them, so they willingly accept the labour.

What happens when it becomes too much for us to handle? Will we listen to the serpent’s tongue again, or will we acknowledge the misery that we gave to the emotions caged up? We must choose wisely because one choice will lead to collapse, and the other will lead to harmony.

Never Forget.“ – A lie told by the serpent.

We have to protect our families.“ – A statement told by someone who is ruining another family.

We have to uphold Democracy.“ – A statement expressed during an era where Democracy proved to be failing.

Is it surreal, or just a truth we wish to ignore?

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