Afraid that when I'm sober, it's the end of it all Born on October, that's when I'll see myself fall It'll all be over, not to answer the call   Snapshot of a noose Guilty for the abuse The road to only produce White snow, sip it like juice No, that's the wrong way to... Continue Reading →


Living a life with questions Constant smoking sessions No purpose, learning every lesson   I'm wondering why? All I've been told was lies Getting so high, soaring through the skies This is my time to fly Again, I'm wondering why   Assuming the worst Living life like a curse Snatching up a purse Over and... Continue Reading →

Easy Way Out

Death is unexpected, But you've been elected Now your soul has been collected Past mistakes now reflected I don't know why you left There's still so much to be said, But I can't blame you, And the reaper committing theft On your life, such a precious view I'm stuck down here, no idea what to... Continue Reading →

Wolf Pack

Private enterprise; jumped as an entry surprise Too much, boy is now dead Shots fired, bodies shoved into a shed Dirty money, praising drug lords On my lap, just a bunch of whores Leasing cars, not anymore, pay it with cash Next thing I do is drive drunk, then crash; dead Blame it on me,... Continue Reading →

Death or Bars

This was a one time thing Like spring season fling Kiss it goodbye or say hello to your maker But this man was my creator Brought me up to form confidence Constantly stayed trashed, losing my innocence One sale after the next, this was my true coming The wolves showed me more loving, than anyone... Continue Reading →

Faith for Insanity

What beautiful glory Conquered every territory Tags with blood and spray paint Halo; pray to your coward saint Death from below and above Lonesome torso with true love   Taken care of him, one limb after another Next step, we'll take his brother This time, we'll carve in his sins For the greater good This... Continue Reading →

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