Smiles that are obviously wretched

They crawl their way onto my skin

Slowly becoming embedded

What a pleasant way to spout sin

I find this so hysterical

With me coming here to just win,

But yet, I seem so terrible

I forget to even begin

Desire and Fear

Daylight has always blinded me

In moments I have been alone

Can’t you see what’s inside of thee?

Deep in the depths of the unknown

A desire of being free

From a world that is overgrown


Treat me with distaste,

And I cut your tongue.

A shame, what a waste

They all die so young.

This is where we chase,

And glom onto fun.

Though, there is no place

For this to be done.

We came to embrace,

And around we swung.

With a few mistakes

We have come undone.

Totally forgot to publish a poetry post for last month, but these are some that I have made during the summer (changed them around though, to make them a little better to my eyes). I hope you enjoyed reading them!

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