This was a one time thing

Like spring season fling

Kiss it goodbye or say hello to your maker

But this man was my creator

Brought me up to form confidence

Constantly stayed trashed, losing my innocence

One sale after the next, this was my true coming

The wolves showed me more loving, than anyone ever could

We stayed tight, lost track of time 

Until we saw the light; magic in pure sight

More money to make, danger to face

But you know the crash was soon, when Judas came into the room

Hella arrogant, but showed the money

He also had the most honnies, but he came at me

Saying how I was never gonna be, or never ever gonna see

Said, pure and simple, money is all you got

Trash that other shit, before you get glocked

Scared and nervous, I didn’t know what was to happen

We were at a party, slinging and all he said was “Trap ’em”

Young girl… I’m so fucking sorry

Sold her some, then he came flying in

Said he’ll take her under his wing

Like he was pushing down a pin

Claiming her like a piece of meat, ready to sing

Brought her to a room, locked it, then went into the tomb

Came out, I saw her unconscious

Looked at me with a smirk and said, “You were my accomplice”

I let this happen with my struck self

He walked away, about to put his trophy on the shelf

That was the red-line where I knew this wasn’t going to last

No, I wasn’t fine

I made money, but my mind was running too fast

Went up to my creator and told him what happened

All he could do was start clapping

Looked me dead in the eye and stated

“You look so distraught, but so bliss. Here’s all you compensated. Just remember, whatever decision you make, you stick with it”

Handing me a bag of green, I took it and never looked back

Focusing on my future, I do need myself a beautiful Zodiac

One that holds me down and keeps me on the target

One that shows me who I really am, a true blissful artist

Story of a life at the wolves den. Escape and pray.


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