What beautiful glory

Conquered every territory

Tags with blood and spray paint

Halo; pray to your coward saint

Death from below and above

Lonesome torso with true love


Taken care of him, one limb after another

Next step, we’ll take his brother

This time, we’ll carve in his sins

For the greater good

This is where it all begins

This is where the great prophet stood

We’ll take you because he said we could


Don’t believe us, then burn in hell

But before that, let me smash your head in with a barbell

Then we can finally say our farewells


You think I’m crazy?

Yes, I do have a split in my personality

I love your trauma and pain

But this should be our normal mentality

To lose the thought, I just drown myself in champagne

Numb the feelings and feel free from my wicked brain


I don’t know if it’s me

Or the passion of a psycho I want to be

Tell me the truth!

Too young, to sell out my youth

But this is how it will forever be

With these thoughts chained to me

I accept it, I’ll just never be free

Inspired, I wrote this. Hope you enjoyed reading the piece.


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