I tell them my goals and my dreams,

But they look at me thinking “Oh, he’s up to some schemes.”

I’m not. I’m just trying to live life and fulfill my aspiration.

Still they believe I’m some sort of damnation. 


Sometimes I believe that teenagers aren’t looked at seriously. 

When they have a dream to follow, but are glared at curiously. 

Curious because adults want to see if they can, but glaring because adults think it’s a joke.

All of them just think we lay in a room filled with smoke.


We just need some consideration and not the reminder of failing.

Did you ever think that maybe you’re the reason why most of these kids are inhaling?

It really doesn’t help when you keep telling me that life will hit me hard. 

I know it will, I just need some support before my soul is marred.


Don’t underestimate my determination.

With my mindset I’ll never need salvation. 



2 thoughts

  1. Very Well written, beautiful to read. The world will judge us, underestimate us, ridicule us, but it doesn’t matter what they think – it is just their opinion. As long as I am strong with in myself, and I know who I am and what I am capable of , I am a good human being, never hurting anyone and always kind and strong. What does it matter what another thing because I KNOW I AM okay and you welcome to your opinion but I WILL NOT LET IT BOTHER ME !!

    loved your post. Your blog page is lovely

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