How do you know the future when the future is unknown?

He knows you’ve been at the bottom. He knows you’ve been alone,

But that doesn’t give you the excuse to take everything for your own. 

All you ever see is the destruction of society and you on the throne.


Try to abolish your hatred.

Don’t make it turn into something sacred.

It’s your own fault that you’re so frustrated. 

Trust me when I say you don’t want your hidden happiness being wasted. 


Sometimes he loses faith,

Because looking at you he only remembers the haunting wraith. 

He breaks down a lot and has to smoke an eighth,

But you’re too selfish to see what you’ve caused for your only believer to lose their faith.


You’re the evil one,

And you’ll always be the person to have none. 

He’s the virtuous one, 

And he’ll always be the person to have the sun.


Both of you are in the same person.

Fighting over one vessel will only worsen. 



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