Look at her eyes; bulged, bloodshot and glassy as the perpatrator tightens the grip on the thin wire. The lady didn’t even see it coming. Fighting for your life can cause tunnel vision of course, so no surprise there actually. Life escaping from her eyes and face. There it is! Cheerful roars from the audience. Another invigorating death with a rightful winner. The game is super easy, kill and win, that is all. Some people understand quick, but others seem to stand there dumbfounded, wondering if this is reality or just a nightmare they got caught in while sleeping. Oh, no dear. Not at all. Reality is, you are always in a nightmare. The quicker you get that, the quicker you kill and win. Which makes this game so easy. Lavish and relaxed living causes people to forget the horrors in this awful and disgusting world. So, is it really a crime to remind them sometimes? Hah, you thought so? Look and listen, simple and easy, kill and survive. That is what your ultimate goal should and always be. People will do the same to you. No matter what form of society you live in, the way people, kill, can be molded into something different, but is it any different in the end. Purposely doing this to, let us say, financially destroy you, is basically killing you. Fight back for fucks sake! Take their livelihood… No! Take their life you sad and miserable human being. Deep down inside of you right now, the boiling hatred wants to pick up the nearest brick and smash this skull into the concrete. Making the brain matter be part of the ground. Stained, but yet so beautiful. The sight of that, just astounding, right? Anyway, you’re here for a reason. That reason being, you’re young and your lack of knowledge to horror is quite sickening. Open your fucking eyes and look when words are being spoken to you! You understand the rules, correct? The rules of life. The way every human should live! This place will be the start of a new era. A new frontier of society. Hop in now, friend. Play for you life. Oh and also, welcome. Don’t forget to say hello to death and the silent crow for me. 

A short monologue from one of my characters in a story I am writing. Kind of a teaser/spoiler, but I couldn’t help it. Had to publish this one. 

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