To feel no emotion. No happiness. No sadness.

Nothing; purely nothing. 

Empty with a glass right by you. Bottle almost open.

Hand me a corkscrew. Pour it down with a scent of broken.

Drowning with a smile. Must be worthwhile.

Behind a wheel. This is all surreal.

Laughter and that numb feeling.

Demon dealing. Blood seal for a rightful deal.

One crow, two crow, three crow.

Slow motion, then a crash.

Dancing on the blood show. Life flash.

On the River bank.

Climb aboard, two coins, no cash.

Happened so fast, that everything we did was our last. 

Simply don’t drink and drive. Rather drink and then eat or sleep. Hope you enjoyed this piece though. This is a topic that I rarely write or even talk about. But here’s a toast to doing new things!


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