Existence of yourself and myself.

Is all for the reason of living life.

But what if it’s for something else?

A more intricate reason.


Persistence of our survival.

Human instinct to be alive.

To thrive and be the revival.

Of our former divine.


Resistance is met with the persistence.

To be alive for what reason?

If it only means suffering by the screams of your demons.


To make it to the almighty paradise.

What are the steps to get in?

Is there some form of sacrifice?

Or is it just for me to fantasize? 


Faith ties us down.

In both good and bad ways.

Should I kneel down and pray?

Or pave my own path and breakaway?


All these questions that have no straight answer.

Am I wasting my time by hanging on a religious anchor?

I don’t know, but life seems meaningless.

Hopeless; pointless; useless. 

All of this less with no happiness.

Emptiness; sadness; loneliness.

All I want is for us to have a little bit of togetherness.

Peacefulness; loveliness; kindness.

Lovely things, but everything is destroyed by the constant darkness. 


Something we can’t just abolish.

It’s there forever.

Lingering in your mind

Something that has been with humans.

Since the dawn of our kind.


Strife; anger; destruction.

Natural to us, in all.

Construction? Yes, also natural, but hard to understand.

It’s easier for us to become madmen.


To demolish and shatter.

The same way we do to our souls.

As we continue contemplating on things we can’t even control. 


Ruminate || Cover Photo

There was no actual aim for this poem. Just me laying out words and it came to my head line after line. I hope you enjoy reading it though.


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