The night sky is filled with glistening stars. 

Watching, the mind gets lost and forgotten are the scars.

For a small moment, life is still.

No one is bothering you or causing you any ill.


The beautiful specks of light.

Is what gives us our strong might.

To fight off the dangers of the night.

Which are the monsters that keep us in fright. 


Resembling the many different dreams.

We strive to reach them.

To grab them and squeeze out the screams.

Achievement and success that make us shine brighter than a gem. 


Stars of the universe.

The ones that are so diverse.

Astonishing and beautiful.

They are so irrefutable. 

Stars are pretty cool. Love watching them during a nice comfortable night with clear skies. 

Do you like stars? Tell me in the comments if you do. I’m curious to see how many star lovers there are in this world. 


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