Passion for Trauma

Look at her eyes; bulged, bloodshot and glassy as the perpatrator tightens the grip on the thin wire. The lady didn’t even see it coming. Fighting for your life can cause tunnel vision of course, so no surprise there actually. Life escaping from her eyes and face. There it is! Cheerful roars from the audience. Another... Continue Reading →

Blissful Killer

Ignorance; A blissful realm of "perfection" and wrong. Why act against injustice when everyone else is doing it? Well, assuming they are... "Purity and nervous looks. To glance, but snap your head and eyes away as quickly as possible. Curious, but no! Don't get too close. Truth is too hard to bare. Weakened shoulders due... Continue Reading →

Snapped and Cracked

Monster - should I be scared of them? Should I have courage and face the monsters that I fear? Are they truly monsters or are they actually demons that wear masks of a horrific thing. A make-believe thing. Demons nonetheless. Monsters under the sins and dirt. Under the bed, hanging from the ceiling, hugging the... Continue Reading →

Observant Eyes

As you read this, are you observing my words, my tone, or my language? Many people only decide to observe when asked to, and that's when reality strikes them. Giving them a viewpoint they've never even thought about before. It's hard to believe that there are people out there that are generally observant their entire... Continue Reading →

The Color of this World

Prompt response - Colorful A colorful personality that engages in a colorful way of conversing with others. Different flowers, that have colorful petals. The enormous blue sky that can be filled with white and fluffy or dark and gloomy clouds. Rain forests that stretch on for miles that have one main beautiful color; green; and different diverse... Continue Reading →

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