Come into the realm of abstract,

And kneel before demented trees.

Your blood is now signed on contract.

Let us begin to spread disease.

Take the apples that hang so low.

Painted gold with our fervor.

This is the only thing that grows,

Inside this lifeless hacked server.

The shadows will sculpt thy concepts,

For they have breached the fragile walls.

There is no need for the context,

To understand there are no laws.

Follow this trend, to disobey.

Become one of us in Chaos,

And when time comes for judgment day

You shall be forced to repay us.

I was inspired by two artists I know. Today, they dropped a new Collab piece and the art really resonated within me; product: this poem here. If you wish to see the art that they created, you can see it on LazyFrost’s Instagram!

The other artist’s Instagram is this: Lumi’s Instagram!

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