Silently viewing the spectacle

Behind the damaged maroon curtains.

The lines they speak leaves me skeptical.

Making me pour more of my bourbons,

And now I’m having borborygmus.

My cover has finally been blown.

Quick, level up my assertiveness,

So they believe I have a backbone.


An actual case of deception.

You have to believe me when I say,

No one truly gives you affection

In a world that is covered in grey.

Every person is a bit wily.

Shrewd, clever, or astute I convey.

Don’t think of these people so highly,

They have the tendency to betray.


Forced to become a widowmaker,

During an era of true darkness.

Erasure of the idolaters,

A time that is stale, dull, and artless.

Are we still playing the game?

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