I will see it as optional

To let go of crumbling leaves

And make due with the possible.

My circle is made up of thieves

That focus on gems across seas.

Empty is my seat of daggers.

Instead, I lie under the eaves

Ignoring problems that matter.

What is there to really believe,

If every concept begins to shatter?

Will they tell the truth or deceive?

There has been emphasis on the latter.

Why must we make it a contest?

If we all deserve some prosperity.

It will come to end in protest

Showing the immense instability.


My aim is find my content.

In which I will behave oddly.

Not really knowing my intent

Whatever, no one can stop me.

Watch me be sweet and whimsical

As I prance and dance on tables.

Time to not be so cynical

While I bathe with jumper cables.

At last, I reached my pinnacle!

The last chapter of my fable.

Completely unpredictable

However, still a bit stable.

A bit of some insightful writing and then some goofy stuff. Hope you enjoyed these two pieces!

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