A vacant space has been molded

From fleeting thoughts and memories

What an illusion to enjoy

When your character is coated,

With attractive misconceptions.

Intrusions become the new norm

By performing interceptions

During the wildest bursts of storms

Formulating false perceptions

I am too down to enable

A new positive perspective

Maybe it will come just in time

Before I become unstable,

And play with knives inches away.

The absence of my peers echoes

Within the chambers of dismay

I begin to paint in yellows

As my heart starts to fall away.

My attitude seems scrupulous

Although, that is pure sophistry,

In the attempt for truthfulness

I begin to lose chemistry

With my own atoms leaving shells.

The flood warnings have come to light

Drowning out the neglected cells

I now stand alone in this fight

Waiting for the ringing of bells

He is in the mirror. Waiting.

Word Prompts: Fandango’s, vacant; Word of the Day’s, enable; RDP’s, scrupulous

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