„I am worried about you.“

„Why? Have I done something wrong?“

„No, I just keep thinking about the things you told me.“



I have this Naruto Lo-fi remix on repeat

It is one hour past the official zero

And I continue to write pieces that blind me

So many sharp objects falling into my eyes

That’s why I am crying

Not because I am losing myself

Conspiracy Lines

Wearing eyeliner is nice

Makes the eyes pop

Look into them

Tell me what I am thinking

Because I have no damn clue

Lost Croissant

Is it over now?

Am I stuck here frantically looking for my croissant alone?

Damn, I feared this would happen

Hahah, well maybe I’m not alone

And this is just another one of my mind’s tragedies

Flower Smile

Notice me like I notice you

I have a flower smile

Aimed at you

Have you gotten my pollen yet?

It must have reached you by now

Has it gone away?

Is it still lost in my smile?

It seems it has been lifted

That’s okay

Nothing new to me

The recent confidence I acquired allows me to create memorable experiences that go further than happy moments. However, I had to jettison past beliefs and behaviors in order for this to be a reality. Thank you to the people who accept me genuinely and who care unconditionally.

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