Empty Seats

I sit in my car laughing

Acting as if someone I love sits next to me

Laughing as well and looking at me with care

But no one is there

The space is filled with one laughter

And songs that are only enjoyed during solitude

Fuzzy Diamonds

My comfort has been compromised

By emotional adventures

That seem to yield paralyzing effects

Push through

A few more steps and you might

Discover a form of affection

That hasn’t been felt before

‘Till I cannot move

I will keep going

Even if my sweater shreds into little pieces of cheese

And my eyes turn into fuzzballs

I will try


One moment please

I just had a transcendental experience with a deer

It spoke to me in Latin

And I understood every word

Sea Salt and Lemons

Tomorrow I will bang my head against trees

I will cry and laugh at the same time

Because sometimes thinking and feeling is too much

The next day I will smile and feel amazing

I will drink tea and write about how happy I am

Because sometimes my mind allows me to feel good

It all depends on the day

Are you okay with holding my hand through both days?

Missing Jug

Sometimes my dramatic writing annoys me

Shut up and eat some cereal

Dang it, where is the milk?

Zero Beans

You told me you would try

I don’t know about you

But taking a lot of months to try

Simply seems like you don’t care

Well, whatever, I guess you can keep the fucking beans

Some of this air is filled with inspiration and influence. Guess I’ll take it to paint eccentric and totally accurate things I have experienced :):

A lot of these pieces were inspired by Cavin, a mutual of mine who writes amazing poetry! He is the founder of Back Patio Press and author of I Could Be Your Neighbor, Isn’t That Horrifying? and A Completely Nonexistent Carnival. Give him a little look-y here – Cavin’s Twitter

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