Promise me. Please, you have to promise me.

Dark magic compels me

Cast to frown and feel nothing

Hesitant in questioning oneself

For a powerful surge of emotion

Takes over.

As soon as it awakes

Jagged spikes penetrate

With no remorse.

However, normal;

That is the feeling

Just normal.

Why do you act like this? You were never like this.

It should be nothing

One should be happy to be well off

And to focus on futures and to smile.


This shit messes with the head

Brain chemistry is fucked up

Ruining the whole system

Throwing it out of order.

Want a smile? A laugh?

Pay the toll to the echoes

And you shall receive.

You never told me what happened to you.

Then there are questions,

How could this happen?

Why was nothing said?

It was there all this time

Now it is too late

For there is an empty glass

On a table littered with papers

And razors that are soaked in blood.

This is hitting harder than a double shot of Jamo on an empty tummy :):

Word Prompts – RDP’s “Junk“, Fandango’s “Nemesis

Cover photo found here – Cover Photo

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