Setting: Imagine ancient ruins hugging a vast forest on an island during dusk. The sunset giving only minimal light to the area.

Context: Imagine Ghost of Tsushima, so a samurai, that is fighting Mongols or other mortal enemies. A lot of slishing and slashing and some stabbing. Character cannot find his bow at all, while the enemies continue to swarm him.

Disclaimer: This is all a dream, so if something doesn’t make sense, then file a complaint to the dream department.

Also, a little WARNING: This includes vulgar language and overall mature content.

They’re fucking coming at me. Where is my bow and my explosive arrows when I need them? Ugh, thank gods for this slow motion select shit; now I can get my bow and explosive arrows… Where are they!?!? Do I NOT have any explosive arrows?? There are legit twenty fucking dudes trying to stab me right and you mean to tell me that I don’t have any explosive arrows right now.

Okay, that’s fine- oh… what is this? Stab the ground with my sword and summon a bunch of demons to kill my foes for me? Ah yes! This sounds saucy! Let me use this little thing real quick.

HAHAHAH release the demons fuckboys!! Yes! Kill them, eat them, take their souls to Hades my little hounds!

*Demon hounds vanquish the enemies easily and start lurking about, but noticing another mortal is by them*

Why are you all staring at me like that? You did your job okay? Chop chop now, go on back to Tartarus. Hm… no reason to get closer to me buddies. Hey! Back off now okay! My meat tastes like sewage water anyway, you wouldn’t want to munch on me!

*Demon hounds start attacking*

Oh JEEZ they are NOT fucking around what in the shit! Okay okay, slish slash, stab stab, and drop goes the dirty hounds. Oh my FUCKKKK this one is BITING my arm. Two on one isn’t exactly fair little pups… please one doggo at a time.

*Demon hounds start dragging them towards a small cliff into the forest*

Okay, nevermind then; you can just drag me towards the cliff that’s totally fine too. Please just don’t yeet us off th- OH MY GODS FUCK OKAY WE ARE FALLING!

*They land on a small ledge with one demon hound falling to its death*

Ugh, shit, well that one just committed… oh, there’s another one with me. Hi! Can we just call a truce you know I’m quite tired now- OKAY NEVERMIND AGAIN! Hey, doggo listen to me, I’m done killing you guys. Ah, fuck you anyway. One smash on the rock and another for good measure. Knife right in your dumb throat; slit slat, and bye bye doggo!

*Last demon hound is kicked off the cliff after having its throat slit*

Okay, well that was just amazing. What type of stupid power is that; fuck that, never again.


*Looking up there is a big demon with a round mouth and many teeth. Imagine a kraken mouth on a grey blurb of meat. No limbs on this massive bugger*

Holy mango fried biscuit! THAT is a big pupper right there… Why do you have numerous teeth and a round ass mouth dude? You DEFINITELY need to see a dentist. Okay, no, hey, see this is just too small for you. I do not want you to come down here, I’m okay with you staying up there! Okay, well, he’s coming down I guess; more like falling down.

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.

Alright, shit let me just swing across on this branch right here before he squishes my eyeballs into a white and grey milkshake.

*Swinging on the branch and landing on another ledge before the big blurb came crashing down*


*Looking down as the big blurb kept falling*

Yeah, yeah, that was all your fault big dummy! Told him not to come down, but he was just so persistent with it. Anywhosies, let me climb on out of here. (Yes, I’m ignoring my massive wounds on my arm, just go with it).

*Climbing and finally reaching the top with no more enemies to fight*


*The big grey blurb starts climbing somehow back towards the top*

No fucking way, this dude IS CLIMBING? How?! He doesn’t have any ARMS??? What the actual fuck. That’s a big nope for me, see ya dude!

*Running through forests and old ancient ruins because it’s just what we do*

What the hell is going on over there? Some weirdo kids playing huh. Wait, no that one is literally stabbing the other with a KNIFE! Hey hey kids! Stop that, no one told you to start killing each other. Okay no! Put the bow down, no need to- ah whatever fuck it.

*Takes bow and arrow out and shoots kid*

There you go, how does it feel to have a WHOLE ARROW IN YOU! Fucking kids these days, always playing these stupid games!

*Continues running and reaches a long bridge at the edge of the ruins. An island is on the other side. The light of the sun diminishing as the night engulfs the world in darkness*


Ugh, okay I’m just going to run across because I am not dealing with big boy teeth back there. He can eat the children, I don’t care what happens now.

*Starts running across the bridge. Tunnel vision creating a hazy horizon and soon after blinding the sight of what is ahead. All of the sudden light hits*

Oh my lord! Why all this light!- What even is that?? Some kind of angel floating with blue mist covering it??

*Fast forward to slishing and slashing at the angel and it not dying at all. The being electrocuted by its weird little cloud it summoned*

Ah!! No, stop that lightning bolt shit, you’re not fucking Zeus!

*Angel drops down and stabs right into the chest*

Oh, whoa… that um, that hurt buddy.

*Falls down and sees angel smiling*

‘Hey! Wait, you’re the first person to ever defeat me in combat. You did this! You defeated me finally! Now I can die forever!’

*Angel walks past smiling. The scene turns into modernity. Buildings spring up and streets winding up behind. The world that was just now is no more*

Scene change & context: Same character just in the future and much older. He is going into his house with his significant other. They are talking about having to get ready to attend a book ceremony for the character’s newly published book. While they were getting ready, his son and his son’s wife come walking in.

‘Hey don’t forget to bring your pens and wallet!’

‘Yes, yes; I know sweetie.’

The man sits down on a couch and sighs deeply as his significant other starts rummaging through drawers; searching for gods knows what.

‘Papa? Are you here?’

He hears his son coming in and entering the room. At his side is his wife with her glistening eyes and a bright smile directed towards the man.

‘Ah! A pleasant sight to see the both of you!’ the man said.

‘We were wondering when you are leaving?’ the son spoke.

‘Soon, but we are just relaxing-‘

‘We are not relaxing! We have to get going very soon!’ said the significant other with a stern, but excited tone.

The man sighs deeply once again and gives off a soft smile.

‘Anyway, continue my son.’

‘I was wondering if you could indulge me in some of your stories… your secret stories, sir.’ chimed the son’s wife.

The man looked at her and slowly got up.

‘Well, well. I will accept. Come let’s go to the art room, I have a very special story to share. A story that was never heard from anyone else.’

*They all exit the room and go towards the art room*

Scene change & context: They are in the car going to the book ceremony. Silence is filled within the air and nothing more. The man’s significant other speaks.

‘When are you going to have your final fight with the angel?’

The man looked over with terror in his eyes as he saw the same smile from so long ago spread across their face.

Scene change & context: I wake up from what felt like a dream and reality mixed together. Being a samurai fighting mortal foes and demons puts some weight onto your shoulders. Being older and sharing these stories with people is what created certainty, until the man found that his significant other wasn’t truly themselves. This is me, truly me, in my bed waking up to my friend telling me they have to go home. I was still dazed and confused by these adventures that it was hard for me to understand them properly.

‘Hey, wake up. I have to go home now. I told myself I’d be home tonight, so I’m sorry, but I have to go.’

My energy is drained. The life I just lived in my dreams have taken a toll on me and I am not fully there yet. I still was able to make out that they want to go home, so I inch my body up to their face and lay kisses on their nose and forehead.

‘That’s okay, I understand. I just don’t know what is going on.’ I tell them.

‘Hey! Ita, get up and look!’ someone yells from outside of my room.

I push myself up to see my door wide open and two individuals, one of them my mother, wearing some type of costumes. Not sure what the fuck that is, but whatever. Turning my head I see that it is already dark outside and I realize that I was sleeping for the whole day. I let out a big sigh and slouch against my wall facing my door.

‘Yeah, my mom is upstairs in some nun costume. They are doing something.’ my friend tells me.

Now this is super confusing. Why is their mom at my place wearing a fucking costume? Why are there so many humans in my house and when did my friend even come over?? My eyes squint harder to try and understand what was going on, but I just couldn’t figure it out.

As I was thinking, this lady climbs onto my bed and looks at the two of us lying down.

‘Hi Itarow! It’s nice to see you!’ she says all excited like. (I don’t even know this woman)

Then my father comes onto the bed with this bag that has slits in them.

‘Hello Itarow! Look at Leslie.’ he states as he points towards the bag.

I look inside and see some crusty ass dog that is just lying in it. My confusion continues to grow, when my father starts kissing this lady’s head all weird like. Fuck it, just place your hand over your eyes and forget whatever world you are living in. Then nothing, everything vanished.

Scene change & context: That’s all. After that I actually woke up to reality, but for a few moments I didn’t know if I was still dreaming or if I was actually awake now. I had to text my friend and see if it was reality or not, but alas, I believe I am in the world of real again.

Don’t judge me too much; this is literally what I dreamt today during my little nap. Yes, all of this took place in the span of one hour. The wonders of dreaming huh?

Word prompts – RDP’s ‘Cling‘, Word of the Day’s ‘Queer

Cover photo found here – Cover Photo

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