Crystals embedded into skin

The shine that glistens in the darkest

Room, with a head full of sin

Hear me, hear me

There is a whisper up top

Calming the terror that wreaks

Havoc across

Climb up the chopping block

Kneel before the lands of fallout

And see heads roll at six o’clock

Just for the record

Ice melts away

Soaking in roots

Powering a system of hate

Listen clear, listen clear

There are cries down below

Chained to gears that shatter skulls

And drain the souls

For once we are in safety

But we hear the screams

Which lately drive us crazy

Have a plate and eat while you can

Food becomes scarce and water rushes away

One click ready and the bullets will fly

Whistling past eyes that have seen horror one too many times

Think well, think well

Don’t let your thoughts be consumed

For one more minute and the crows will start

Picking at the dead that set out for the doomed

Focus on the serendipity

For without that

We would be strapped in never ending


I see your smile and dread lay across

Sad eyes; there is a moment for that, just not this one

Word Prompts – Fandango’s “Fallout”, The Daily Spur’s “Safety”, Word of the Day’s “Serendipity”

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