“The Night that is Forever Remembered”

That baggage is heavy with emotion

Accountability needed to be held

Terrifying, but yet,

Realization gave a hint of peace

Understanding the irrational thought,

That is coated with guilt and molded perceptions

The memory fails to see past fog

A slumbered feel, where life collapsed

Where the only answer known

Was painted onto the stars

The stream milky, carrying eyes

That saw pain and bliss

A moment of silence there

Felt like a life cycle of content

Lost, wandering the gaze

Finally understanding that view

The view that showed truth

In a world full of lies

Show more, please

Your answers proved worthwhile


Unique are their mannerisms

Showing joy and character

Wondering what exactly they think

What they perceive

Behind those eyes that show sadness

Eyes that are common in this connection

Sunken, tired, and weighted down by memories

That prove to be a challenge to accept

It is felt in conversation,

And the fear of new connection creates anxiety

For connection yields emotional pain

Regardless, curiosity consumes the mind

Continuously wondering what those eyes perceive

Dark brown and mysterious, but dangerous

Yet, the drive to know still lingers

Conflicted and scared

Uncertain of the outcome

Disappointment on the horizon

Don’t throw poisoned daggers

Because the stings would kill

Pushing the curious mind into a cloud

Of pain and broken hopes

This is a leap

Please don’t be a mistake

Word Prompts – Fandango’s “Drive”, RDP “Accountability”

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Cover photo found here: Milky Way

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