“Dancing in the Rain”

We will figure out the damages tomorrow

For tonight we think and jest

In the downpour of rain

What a rush to the head


She is my only goddess,

But here I weep beneath her

Ruined below the broken petals

Falling in the emphasis of forgotten memories

“Head Chatter”

The echo speaks back to me

Laughing at the misery

For a moment it was friendly,

But I see those images

Dissociation and empty

Trauma is the ending to this story


What is my pathing?

There are too many tunnels

Too many images

Fearful of what lies beneath,

The graves scattered around my mind

The playlist is on a shuffle,

And I forget that I am scared

Word Prompts – RDP “Shuffle”, Daily Spur “Rain”, Fandango’s “Goddess”, Word of the Day “Ending”

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