Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?

This question exceeds blogging for me because not only is my blog anonymous, but my whole Internet identity is essentially someone different; a character of sorts I suppose. My pseudo-self has been changing overtime and it wasn’t until recently that I have solidified my Internet persona. I have always had a fascination for pen names and playing a character that isn’t technically the true self, so the initial reason behind becoming an anonymous writer on the Internet was purely because of this fascination. However, overtime there was a realization that this name has become a part of me and also has been a proper barrier between real life and the life that revolves around my writing.

Now, I won’t state that my writing is massively influential and that I have many people following me under this name because that is simply not true. It is, however, a precaution. This year alone I have decided to completely wipe certain social media outlets that were under me. I did this probably because of the fear of people looking too deeply into who I am. Another factor I am going to look into is to become not only anonymous, but also faceless under this persona to further develop a barrier.

This stance allows me to have an unfiltered opinion when writing. It allows me to write whatever my emotions and thoughts are without that uncomfortable feeling included. I believe it promotes raw truth from my own individual perspective and I encourage people who read my writing to also express them because it underlines truth, rather than fabricated statements and opinions.

Link to question here – Fandango’s Provocative Question #92

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you have any thoughts let me know in the comments.

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  1. Some interesting thoughts here. I myself am not really concerned about my anonymity (barring identity theft and all that jazz) because my posts aren’t really serious, and I also try to live in a way that Seneca would say has ‘nothing which you could not as easily tell your enemy as keep to yourself’.

    Thanks for this post!

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