For a world that is nothing, but pretend

My daydreams will still express certainty

While the tangible elements descend

Delusions will be praised eternally.

Welcome to my home

The place that conveys safety

Where the textures can’t be felt,

But yet, I still roam.

Can’t you see the images?

Hidden behind rusted gates

They tell forgotten stories

Of boundless scrimmages

Across broken states.

For the sake of my mind

I pretend, so I can escape,

Or explain those feelings

Through unknown landscapes.

One pathway leads everywhere

To supposed answers and desires,

But also leads to nowhere

So, does this mean that,

Life is truly unfair?

Perhaps it’s a trap

Which only leads to despair,

But who knows?

At least I’m going somewhere.

Fandango’s one word challenge – Labyrinth || Hope you enjoyed this piece!

Cover Photo – by Calimero 

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