Do you believe in Karma?

Karma is essentially judgment. A way to believe that a person receives some type of judgment before and after death, whether it ends up being positive or negative for that individual. However, there is no solid proof that Karma is the ultimate judgment for people. For one to believe in Karma, one has to come to the point where he/she/they ‘know/s’ what comes after death. Now how do people know what comes after death? The only real answer is the moment where death becomes them and they become death. But by that time, people have already decided whether they believe in Karma or not. So, the only chance a person has to decide if Karma is a true judgment system for humanity is in the present moment. This is why the world has living systems in which it helps people to decide their own truth.

For myself, it is hard to believe in any form of Karma or religion. I see religious beliefs as ideal moral systems to help people navigate their lives in a positive direction. I see them as fear capsules as well. A capsule that tells people to fear death through the actions that they make. Then again, how can a person believe in something that tells her/him/them the ‘correct behaviors’ when the only way one can find out the truth is through death itself. To explain it simply, Karma is a concept produced by religious beliefs which are ultimately ‘death insurances’ for people. The meaning behind ‘death insurances’ is that religious beliefs tell people to behave in a certain way, which gives her/him/them a guaranteed destination after life. This creates tranquility in people because of the innate fear of death they hold.

As stated above, Karma is a production of religious beliefs. So, going off of this, why even create a concept such as Karma to begin with? My opinion to this is that Karma helps people calm down when they have been done wrong or can be used as manipulation to instill fear into other people; to control them. Through generations, humanity has had a hard time understanding mortality, but religions around the world help to ease the mind of the questions that do not have solid answers. Karma is a powerful concept that can be used to harm and/or help people. To understand Karma, we have to understand why people’s behaviors and cognitive processes are particular in their own way. In conclusion, let us all start studying more psychology, so we can all understand the numerous concepts we have created that helped us evolve into the humans we are now.

Link to question here – Fandango’s Provocative Question #89

Thank you for reading this post! I enjoyed writing it. My answer is completely biased and I do not consider it the overall truth for everyone. If you agree or disagree let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hello. That was nicely written. I just want to recommend “The Vow” (on HBO). It’s a documentary story that shows something can be a cult when it is not religion really. Yes, the psychology is a curiosity.

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