Look through a glass with shards ready to splinter

They fall gracefully, but cut deep into bones

As time slows down we grab a piece and stand ready to kill her,

But too late for the death was struck by the drones

Integration into the software happens quickly

Losing focus within the world there’s no more time

The crust layer shatters within me,

But I still believe that we will be fine

Once that star passes my mind will electrify

And these forgotten leaves will melt in my palm

That desire is now extinct; to satisfy

Emotions are scattered and emptied; forever gone

Lost in the long haul dialed into a system

Forever calm, but hot showers give no passion

Try to stop and actively listen,

Or not, but this will be your last transaction

You say you want a revolution. Well you know, here it is.

Cover photo by yours truly. Quote by (link): Scooby’s Instagram

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