Identity stuck with occupation

The work is strictly forced

Legs bend until exhaustion

Dreams of driving that Porsche 

Waking to an empty mind

With no expression or remorse

Tired of trying to find

The identity that flew off course


And every day that goes by

Every month that settles in

A year that ends in shackles

You must be brave to try and win

The bluebird flies with the breeze

With the colors that shine so bright

Nestled in the branches before the early freeze

The yellow leaves fall with such delight


A grey sky that circles around

No sound during the morning of snow

No footprints on the soft ground

Silence is the only thing we know


The rain drowns out the sorrows

Gives life to the green land

We will not share our tomorrows

For today will be the last we shake hands

Two in one. I hope you enjoyed these new poems because I enjoyed writing them. Thank you!


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