WARNING: Contains strong/mature scenes; proceed at your own discretion.

DISCLAIMER: This is an in-progress story. Scenes, characters, and overall story are subject to change.

Dark spaces engulfed her mind as the clanking of a metal rod echoed throughout the warehouse. Blank thoughts ran through her, blindly holding onto each corner of her brain. No words could interrupt. Just the continuous clanking of the metal rod that was held steady in her hand as she passed by beams, striking them calmly. Her grasp so fierce, it radiated with anger. Zoe was in the right state of mind, she thought. Clear vision with an objective at hand. Nothing could stop her. 


Grey metal beams were scattered about throughout the abandoned warehouse. A perfect spot for her final action. The city’s voice was heard in the distance; the sounds of the road bouncing off the walls. Broken glass, rotten wood and neglected machinery littered the ground.


With ease, Zoe used her free hand to hold the other end of the metal rod. Inspecting it thoroughly, wanting it to be perfect. She stepped lightly across the warehouse, towards a person strapped down onto a bolted chair. Their muffled voice was heard, but ignored. She walked leisurely back and forth. The focus flowed in her veins strongly. 


She stopped in front of the man strapped down. A sinister smile crept upon her face as her hazel eyes dug with vicious desire into the man’s sockets. Zoe let out a small chuckle, immediately covering her mouth with her hand. Twirling the metal rod in the other, she stepped closer to the man.


With a slight bow, she came face to face with him. A dirty rag tied to his mouth and the sweat dripping from his scalp, his eyes darted around with fear heavy on his conscious. Zoe tilted her head as she inspected the man. His blond hair greasy and tangled. His blue irises filled with fear and tears as she gave off another smile. 


A feeling she didn’t yet understand was raging in her. She felt every inch of her body tingling, as if she were levitating and immense power was surging through her. Zoe couldn’t contain herself anymore, she let out a wicked laugh that echoed off the walls and beams. Leaning back and spreading her arms out beside her, she stared up at the ceiling with a shine in her eyes.


The tied up man started to panic more. Muffled screams and trying to escape his bonds, but it wouldn’t work; Zoe made sure of that. From her right side, a timer went off. A faint continuous one second loop, beeping. Silently walking over, she turned the device off. Slowly, Zoe brings her attention back to the man. Streaks of tears glistening on his cheeks as he stared at her, begging with his eyes. 


“Time is up, sir. No one can save you now.” she spoke with a wide smile spreading across her face. 


Standing just inches away from him now, she inspected the metal rod one last time. With a small nod of approval, she raises it and swings with full might at the man. A loud crack is heard and the sight of blood trickling down his head appears before Zoe’s eyes. Silent and staring with full excitement at the blood. Her lips twitched upwards and her delighted eyes glistening. Another swing and a second crack vibrates around them. Slow laughter escapes her lips, with another fast swing at his head. She picks up speed as her laughter increases. 


Blood spilling, staining her skin and clothes. Nothing could possibly be better than this feeling, Zoe thought to herself. Then the dark spaces engulfed her once more, keeping her focused on her objective. An objective she promised to finish and nothing will stop her from doing so. 


The moon casting its light throughout the warehouse; no one was around except for the two. The city; alive in the distance, but death flying in circles around the man whose life was slowly escaping from his body. His blond hair spoiled in thick red blood and his eyes bulging, bloodshot. Grey matter started to fly out as the metal rod caved into his skull, penetrating the brain’s surface. No sounds except for the cracking and laughter were heard. The final action she desired to complete so badly, coming to a close. Embracing true darkness with open arms.

Thank you for reading this introduction and I hope you enjoyed it! As stated in the beginning, this is just an intro with the story not being complete. Furthermore, once the story is complete, I will be posting the full coverage on my Wattpad page, which you can be redirected to by clicking the link below. However, there is a chance I will be posting it here as well, but a conclusion for this decision has not been made yet.


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