Those demons

With talons and sharp teeth

You protect me from the voice of reason

Bury them underneath

The rubble and misery of the past

Such vast pain that won’t last


Harming myself to continue

The thought of death

To disappear

Which selection is best on the Reaper’s menu?


They tighten the noose

How much more time?

We should put it to use

Then end up on the news

That is my offer

Demons, do we have a truce?


Then light, one of a kind

Hard to find, but gave shine to my mind

Didn’t blind, just showed the path

Latched right behind, scaring off the wrath


No one could, only you

The one who helped me break through

As if you knew

Just how to

Give assistance

To a person with a loose screw

Trying to add more shade to the painting.


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