Wake up the nicotine

Acquire the taste

Douse them in kerosene

Light up the toxic waste

Add a bit of gasoline

Clean up the scene

So obscene

Start up the chopping machine

Every light I see is green

Money dreams, bow for my queen


Sort out my mess

Soon, no more stress

They possess real duress

Bless, I will be free from success

Me to impress?

Never, that’s why I’m screaming SOS

Guess they just want to suppress

Priest, I have to confess

I desire more,

But only go with less


Let me address

Sometimes I wish I was never born

Do I want them to mourn?

Of course not,

But I am torn


How much more broken can I become?

Pop, drink and smoke

Just to feel numb

Such scum

For now, I hum

Feel the sun

Try to smile and say it’s enough

Rough patch in the dirt road

Poker style, no one bluffs

Unload the clip

To the person that owed

Demon crossroad

That’s what they showed

I gave you a code


Maybe one day someone will use it

Or excuse it

Admit to my mistakes

Then abuse it

I honestly don’t have any more complaints

To fuse it

Dynamite explosion

Agony is the music

I laugh because it’s for my amusement

Screw it, I’m sick and stupid

Elusive, drinks on the house


Bruises to their ribs


Then reclusive

So obtrusive

Ending in time

Six, two, four, one

Now I’m finally done

Don’t take everything seriously.


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    1. I try so many styles to help myself. Some work, some don’t. Sorry for the late reply to this comment. I appreciate it though!


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