The way I want to die

Is to have it be my last form of art

The brain matter and blood

Splatter on the wall


Make it into flowers

That bloom forever

Have my light and darkness

Shine on someone’s life


I think about other people’s happiness

More than my own

Being left behind

Mind so sour like a lime

Add a pinch of salt

And down the light brown liquid

To numb the void

Try to feel some joy,

But nothing

It won’t come

Yet some, say I have it

The stick stays lit

Please, I want to smile for a bit

Genuine, not forced by friends who also quit


Continue to blow out smoke

Hoping for the demons to leave

Choke on their claws

Clenched jaw

Grab a saw

Make the pain go somewhere

Stuck in the electric chair

That’s fair, no more clothes to wear


Yellow paint, yellow paint

Darker than the ocean

Lighten up

Stay in motion

Lamp on

Head commotion

Mask on, all drawn


Stay on fire

Reach higher

Feel the desire

Crushed by a tire

Slit the throat in dire,


Down pills for speed

Now I leap

In order to grab a hold

Of that shine

Prime time

Chime for my own crime



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