The beauty behind art is the reality of an artist

Pain and suffering; the daily struggles of the person

All of this goes into their creative work

To show something so dark through literature

Is a mystery

Through history

So many have gone,

But still ended up creating life


Like swallowing yellow paint

To feel a faint glimpse of happiness

A ray of sunshine in your body

And to continue creating more and more


Distracting yourself is the “cure”

Once the distractions have resided

Your mind falls back into the void

A void of suffering and misery

Screaming on paper,

But your voice never being heard

With a crow perched on your shoulder

Caring about you

Killing too

Agonizing pain

Death will forever gain

So, how do you treat it?


The depression and suicidal thoughts

Every time you publish

You plant your crops

So that life can overtake your piece

Let it grow and to know

That you have caused happiness in this world,

But at the cost of your own


Remember when nothing is left

You still have your art

Your paintbrush

Your pen

Your microphone

Your keyboard

Your instrument

Whatever it is

That you use

To create the life and happiness

That you deserve, but you don’t get

Rather, allowing others to thrive

To smile and feel their serotonin

Selfless forever

Pull your lever

Reaching your last mile

Hang down and show your final smile

The answer comes soon.


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