I want to die

Fly me up so high

To reach the moon and stars

Not to hide my scars

Anymore; die inside the car

For now I hurt and scream internally

My mind is haunting me so dangerously

To hurt myself constantly

Free me from this pain

But no one came

Well, some came

But it didn’t help

Nothing at all helped

Not the medicine

Not the therapy

Laughing at a parody

That’s my life

Hang me from a kite

No, the ceiling

So I get a feeling

Of my actual pain

Chain me down

Make me drown

Show me no mercy

To return to Jersey

And to the city

Where it all started

Show me no pity

For death to chart it

My name in chalk

Maybe just shoot me on the block

Let’s start it back from the top

I want to die

To never see the light

Forever night

Lose my sight

Have darkness engulf me

Let me be

Six feet under

Let a tree grow

Over me

The roots so low

Deep inside my soul

A new beautiful life comes

From the dark soul

Extra coal

Now that is how you end

Not to lend

But I truly need it

Pass it while it’s lit

Lift me up

Pass me that cup

Down it and crumble

Try to be humble

But only to stumble

Say goodbye

And never to say good hi

Because I’m already with the stars so high

Try to come get me

Please, try to come get me

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