Electric feeling through the body

Sharingan, watch your moves for I’ll copy

Sloppy joe dinner, she give me toppy

Pass the joint or blunt

I don’t care, just wanna feel the funk

Fuck a cunt

Grab a chunk

Nut while we’re fucking on the bunk

Friend up top

He’s feeling the rock

That sounds gay, but fuck it

I say bye, so butt fuck it

He’ll definitely love it

Razor sounds

Bunch of pounds

One after another

Let out the hounds

Now we smoother

The kid in the bed

Don’t drop the lead

We don’t need any red

Silent killer

This is for a movie

Just a thriller

Now let us get groovy

Scream until your lungs bleed

Semen touching the seed

See men touching the weed

Land on shore, ride in the Jeep

That isn’t for them to keep

Smiling until I can’t anymore

Get my shit wet from any whore

Do your chores

Then go pour me some more

Pink wine Moscato

My bullets are strictly hollow

They think I’m kingpin

They all follow

I feel like Apollo

Sun in my eyes

Ten pills to swallow


We’re demons with our masks

Cause chaos, that is our task

Ask why

Answer with desire

Now we preach to the choir

Caught up in barbed wire

Welcome to prison

You caused the fire

No gunfire, just selling to a buyer

Liar, you shot for hire

Get higher, exit and acquire

Boost the music with an amplifier

Hanging from the ceiling

Not by rope, but by wire

I’m not evil

Just a purifier 

All for them, for me to admire

More money to inquire

Retire soon?

Not what I aspire

And in the end

The demon wolves will jump

Into the fire

Safeguard the demons.


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