I escape my thoughts by increasing the volume

The mindfulness in all, with a chaotic boom

Photographer on set, twisting the zoom

Darkness in me, stuck in the courtroom

Trying to make it colorful for others

Flowers to bloom

Death; buried inside a tomb

All they see in me is the gloom

Maybe some of the doom,

But everyone around, still an empty room

Felt the love, the clothes got a stench of perfume


No, I’m still empty

Girls try to tempt me

When only one is true

She’s such an amazing view

The lust? Had plenty

The love? That left me

Let me try something new

Stay on track and continue to pursue

She’s not just like any

Let me get many, but in the end

I’ll make her my shiny penny


White lighter in my pocket

Time has come, let us knock it

Twenty-seven is so soon,

But my clock is running on fumes

Maybe cut it short

Life is just a sport

Twenty or twenty-one

I’m simply waiting for the sun

I think I’ll throw in my towel

I don’t care if it’s foul

But this is my life, not yours to control like a hound

Six feet underground

Subway train bound to the place that so many have found

Then I’ll be free from the laughter and the killing sound,

But just wait, one more pound

Dollars is all that I can count

Cash up and write down my last amount

Buried in the ground, not the account


Dying young seems so peaceful

Even for the evil,

But the thought of returning stops me

Just please free me from being lonely

Even though I think about you only

I feel like no one really knows me

Guess I have to die it out slowly

Look closely, the demons chose me

Ready to expose me

Stop the hurt.


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