Beauty in the pain

Try to tell me I changed,

But I stayed the same

No bitch, never even came


Danger in the eyes

Action in the lies

That I, keep it as wise

Drift away by the lullabies

View me through the glass

Form bright in the light

Lie on the soft grass

Look across the sky at a kite


Never looking in the mirror

To see the true pain and misery

Clearer, that is me, not from history,

But what I’ve done for delivery

The song playing might deliver me

Try to stay clear from liberty

You’re not free, chained in captivity

Now that, is true misery


The clouds are singing for you

Your beauty defines the truth

Sip on the same shake in the booth

My love for you escapes in our youth


I hope the best happens

Even with the grey skies

Chemistry mixed with gorgeous atoms

In my stomach, butterflies

Your DNA to analyze


Figure out the mystery behind beauty

This is important to me

And hopefully for you, my cutie

Both of us, on duty

Two poems for my beauties! Hope you enjoyed


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