My head is blank

My words are lost,

But I’m still here

Against the odds

Trying for something

Outside the box,

But at what cost

Does this all come

Is this why I’m always feeling so numb

Separate myself from the things that I’ve done

Questioning who I was and who I’ve become

I don’t know,

But I think I’m alright

I can handle the loneliness,

And being awake through the night

I can fight away fears

I can show you the light


How you helped me along through the dark

How you lit up the sky

Like the brightest of stars

How we got so close

Even though we’re so far apart

It doesn’t matter to me

‘Cause you helped mend these scars,

So I’ll do that for you,

And probably more

I’m not interested in even

I’m beating your scores

‘Cause I hate myself,

But I love you more


Dying every time

The light tries to shine

Darkness is here

From my self-made crime

Done the worst,

But living in fear

Through being cursed

All the cheers

To a life so clear,

But mine wants to end

From the struggles and scars

That I cannot mend

Hearts filled in jars

Cars, money and bitches

Cut up and then stitches

Shot because of a mistress

Again, I live in fear 

No more time to waste

It’s already here

One, two, three, four

Death is at my door

Five, six, seven, eight

There is no time to escape

Another piece by myself and Con. His was the first section and mine the second. Hope you enjoyed our work!


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