The reality is,

The mind wants to destroy itself

Horrific knowledge learned,

Truth of this flooding the brainwaves


Materialism making us want to save

Prices and desires dragging us to graves

That is how they keep us locked up in caves

Shadows through the light keeping us as slaves


But ignorance is so blissful

Depression is a killer

Wish I could keep myself peaceful

Wanting to pull the trigger


All of this doesn’t matter

Shatter; there goes the fine glass

Protective, but then; splatter

One more victim goes madder

Shooting past the head chatter


Voices dig deep to create a void

Once annoyed, then he goes and destroys

Too quick to enjoy, so much damn noise

Reasons why I can’t hold my own poise


Loss of balance inside

No freedom, now confined

Just let me go,

Out of my mind

One, two, three

No, rewind

Again, shoot before I go blind

Just get the fuck out of my mind

Pray to my own divine

Drunk off of the wine

This is all mine

My life, not yours

Shine until there’s a sign


Nothing, just emptiness

Too late now

I’ve been engulfed by my own darkness

I’ll live my life full of madness

Until I’m gone

No more dawn

Ja, ja, another poem


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