It’s not going to happen today

Pack the car, let’s drive and go away

The black and milds fill up the ashtray

Like I said, not today, no delay

I’m in my own lane, racing the freeway,

‘Cause you go through life once, no replay

Just remixes

People changing tunes like the fucking D-J


I know this won’t last forever

Fade away, to my endeavor

Never say never, so clever

Pull the lever, all together

Like birds of a feather,

But I’m a different breed

We all face the weather,

But with different means

We all think our own personal struggles,

Are the worst we’ve seen


I won’t be alone

Ride to the unknown,

‘Cause my crowd is coming with me,

When I take the throne

Future with all smiles

Happiness for miles,

‘Cause after war comes peace

Enjoy it for the while

Another piece from me and Con. Hope you enjoyed!


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