There is no time left

Come and be my guest


Try to understand my thoughts

Conflicted and stuck in knots

Smoke my mind whilst ideas clot

Water it down by adding some shots

Now go and connect the dots

See if you can follow my plot

‘Cause smoke, drink and bad ideas are all I’ve got


The darker you get, the crazier the debt

And yet, you see I have no form of regret

There is absolutely no time to forget

That I still haven’t finished my first cassette


You couldn’t possibly understand

What it’s like to have a losing hand

When every step I take, I get banned

Cash in hand, goodbye my contraband

My mind is stuck in a no man’s land

Where death is purpose and it’s all planned


I declare that you have no realization

Of the pain from breaking down your own foundation

Of being stuck deep in the stagnation

For now farewell,

It’s my final revelation

It’s time to say goodbye. Another Con and Itarow poem!


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