Despite the peace of mind

Delight filled piece of kind

Goodnight, here comes the grind


Shiny coins to transpire,

For the Roman Empire

Black market to inspire

Their greedy eyes on fire


I wish I had the answers

Reflect the stripper dancers

Time for the deathly cancers

Still have no form of answers


Do you want a taste?

My rocks are all placed

Spark up, not to waste

Just inhale with haste


Next hit is for the enemy

This is for the pack’s legacy

Their leader out like Kennedy

Assassin with the remedy


No matter what, the crown stays

King and queen, where is my raise

But all I get is the praise

Wondering when the dark days,

Finally decays

Nevertheless, the dark days will be gone. 


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17 thoughts

    1. For your site, I’d change some of the coloring, so it compliments each other if you understand what I mean by that. It’s a nice format, so no need to change that unless you wish to.
      With your post, just reread over it, so you can catch some mistakes. It is annoying doing this, but at least you can catch some of your own mistakes. You could also have someone read it before posting. Another set of eyes can help you out a lot.

      Cheers man!


        1. For instance your title of your site. “Beast !nside U”; I’d look for a color that compliments the background picture of the wolf. Perhaps black, white, etc. Play around with it until the title pops out and people would catch an eye on it.


            1. I love your psychological content! Those topics interest me. A lot of my poems actually go into that, so if you want to check out more, then feel free. Your stories are also interesting. Both contents put together, a good strong 7-8 range, man!


              1. Oh I’ll try to write more about it then. I have a very busy life these days. I spend most of my time time at work. I started writing just 7-8 days ago. So I usually work at 11:30 pm to 1:00 am on my writing. I will try to upload 2 posts a day. And yes, I’d love to read your poems. Thank you


                1. Don’t stress yourself out about it. One post a day is totally fine. It’s all about the content, not the amount of posts. If that’s your time bracket to write, honestly I’d suggest taking your time with your posts. Let the topic saturate in your mind, which produces more ideas and different ways of writing the said topic. Once you have finished the post and reviewed it, then post it. Trust me, the content you write will be diverse and flow nicely.


                    1. Thank you. And I’ll check out your blog tomorrow as it is 2:18 am right now and I’ve to wake up early for work lol. I’ll share my thoughts on your writing thank you again

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. That’s weird. Shouldn’t be doing that. Perhaps refresh your browser? Let me know if it continues doing this, I’ll get it fixed then.


                    3. I tried looking into it, but everyone else that has tried has gotten on the page. I’m not too sure what the problem is 🤔


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