Restless and scared

You think I cared?

Maybe you kind of did

At least off the damn grid

No, kill the stupid kid


Cut his skin off, I dare you

Let us do it together

Hold up, we’ll do it on two

Then make it out of leather

One and two! Now we sever

The left arm to the next charm

Hope that wasn’t too much harm


Stop, you’re destroying everything

Broken, you’re leaving me nothing

Shut up, come let’s kill some offspring

You’ll be just fine; please trust me

This is what you want to be

I know deep down, I can see

That darkened and bloody sea

After a while, you’ll be free


The lies, they make no sense

Because of you, I’m stuck

I’m clinging to the fence

Crazy, out of my luck

Here with a demon

What is the reason?

I love you, that is why

Are you going to cry?

I can fix that

Here, take this bat

Now go bash some heads

Turn their brains to shreds

Nice colorful reds

Crimson, currant, garnet and blood

All mixed together in the mud

You’re learning and changing

And a bit of aging


Again, side by side

You’re my only ride

I know this

Come be bliss

You and I


Eye for eye


Stream of conscious; a literary style my cousin told me about. Tried it out and was actually one of the hardest pieces I’ve written. Hope you enjoyed it though!


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