We are side by side

Going through the pain

Stuck in a divide

All I see is rain


In front of my eyes

Rise, the pain that lies

Mask on, to disguise,

But always denied


Prove myself twice?

Never mind, thrice

Jack with the ice

Here; paradise

Will that suffice?


It won’t, just to let you know

Kicking me, when I’m so low

Reason why I fly solo

Cry on top of the photo

Wipe away, criss cross, combo

Uppercut on that tempo

High key notes on that low blow

They’re snorting up that coco

Face plant into a snow globe

Say goodbye to that glow dope


Side by side in the end

Pride by pride with my friend

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9 thoughts

  1. A very well written poem about pride and broken friendship. Some people need to hurt us in order for us to appreciate the importance of self love. I hope you feel better. Great writing!
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really like to connect with you. 🙂

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