Her hair is beautiful to me

All I want is to hold her, see,


There’s no truth behind love

Flying high like a dove

Painful and destructive

That’s all that comes from it

Not at all productive

Depression, in all, fit

Nikki smokes, addictive

Next thing comes a sickness


Illness, internal to the core

At the praised gates of heaven’s shore

Hurting, but I really need more


Not to fall in love

Hand that fits the glove

Time for push and shove

Just to get rid of,


The pain and scars

Reach for the stars

Ending on Mars

Let’s make this ours


I feel like she’s notable

Quotable, and potable


Straight like water

Up for slaughter


Want to date an author?

I thought not, living forever,

Is somewhat a bother

Don’t be scared of the endeavour

We’ll live together, forever

Wrote this last night, so I’ll post it today as well. 


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